BrotherWash 是一間本地初創公司成立理念是推廣環保健康、天然無毒的生活態度我們的師兄師妹都是敢於創新的年輕冒險家。不論現在或未來 BrotherWash 都走在行業的最前線我們不走行業的大眾標準是因為我們更要領先行業標準以化學和物理原理配以最高端的技術工具及數碼化管理拓展市場成為家居和商用室內空氣質素行業的領導者。

BrotherWash is a local startup company. Its philosophy is to promote an environmentally friendly, healthy, natural and non-toxic life attitude. Our brothers and sisters are all daring to innovate. BrotherWash is at the forefront of the industry now or in the future. We do not follow but lead the industry’s standard. Based on chemical and physical principles, coupled with advanced technical tools and e-marketing strategies, BrotherWash will become the market leader for both household and business Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) profession.